Bridesmaid Etiquette 101. You’ve been asked to be a bridesmaid!  Yippee! You are so excited and honored to be chosen to join the celebration and stand before your bestie along with her bride tribe. Now, there are things you need to consider and be made aware of as the tide can get high and the pocket book can get depleted, causing tension as you move forward on this crazy roller coaster of emotions and festivities. We will take you step  by step on the journey to chaos and happiness as we point out the expectations of such a task.
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The Dresses

Now this one is tricky and sensitive in nature as we all have been a bridesmaid at one time. We get excited to be part of the bride tribe and then reality sets in. Don’t be upset if she chooses a color and style you won’t like. Instead be happy and work with her to get everyone else who is displeased on board. She will thank you in the end. Besides, you could always sell the dress afterwards, once you dry cleaned it to recoup some costs.

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Steeling the Brides Thunder

Don’t make the festivities surrounding the wedding about you. If you got engaged, now is not the time to be sharing the good news at the brides events. You just found out your are having a baby, keep it quiet and share with her privately instead of at the Bridal Shower. In other words, remember the festivities and celebrations are highlighting the wedding.

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Bridal Shower

The Maid of Honor will call on the brides tribe to organize the bachelorette party and or stag and do. You will be asked to participate financially as well for this one ladies I’m afraid. If for some reason you cannot, then offer your services to help plan and organize the party. It may be challenging to work with the other bridesmaids, so organize a girls tribe coffee date to get to know everyone a little better therefore making the transition of working together and spending the entire day together easier for all especially if there are  stronger personalities in the group. Don’t bother the bride with issues regarding the tribe as it will be awkward for her and she won’t want to deal with the drama.

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You spent money on all the items you needed to be a bridesmaid and you think you don’t have to get the couple a gift, right? Wrong. You still need to get them a gift or a monetary gift at best, however the amount doesn’t matter as long as it comes from the heart.

Drinking Bridesmaids:
Drinking Etiquette

When it comes to drinking, the celebration starts in the morning and last until late in the evening. Pace yourself and drink water in between or choose not to drink till dinner time. Making a scene, being loud or getting intoxicated isn’t a good look. Make wise choices and remember to eat. Everyone’s eyes isn’t only on the bride.



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In conclusion, your Bestie is getting hitched and chose you to be by her side. It’s a honor and a privilege to be part of this momentous occasion and she wants to have you in her wedding photo’s and memories. So cheers to you and have fun on the ride to saying “I do”

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