Micro-wedding are small intimate wedding between the bride and groom and immediate family. It consists of no less than 2 and no more than 40 guests, 10-minute ceremony, a few photos and dinner afterwards at their favorite restaurant or a private room.

Some brides don’t need a bouquet and the idea of corsages and boutonnieres are non-existent. The entire bridal party is omitted along with the flower girl and ring bearer. Couples are considering getting married at city hall, the town court house even their favourite park. Planned on a smaller scale, their are still elements of tradition and last typically 5-6 hours.


Embracing a micro-wedding

Planning a wedding takes a great deal of time, energy and money. The couples are overwhelmed and consumed with their everyday life. Acommodating the needs of everyone else has shifted and they are pleased with combining elements they want.

Micro-weddings are more affordable on the budget and are less stressful to plan. It doesn’t mean micro-weddings don’t come with their own headaches.


Here’s what you should know before you embarque on the new trend.

Not for everyone

Not everyone in the family will be pleased you’re having an intimate wedding. Feelings might get hurt when you limit the guest list and is to be expected. Remember why you made this decision and make sure you don’t sway from the pressure.

The more you are both confident about your decision and the reasons why, your family and friends will understand. You can ease the change by sharing your photo memories in a small gathering after the honeymoon. Inviting them for cocktails to view the video and pictures of your special day is ideal.

In conclusion

Remember this new trend doesn’t have to be complicated, it just needs to reflect what you both want and don’t want. You don’t have to follow tradition, you just need to follow your dreams of what you envisioned your special day to be and that means you don’t need to empty your bank account to accommodate those who want more.

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Wedding Planner: by Francesca, xo

Event Designer | Floral Designer: by Francesca, xo

Cake: Sweet Couture Cakes by Adele

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